Avanew Single Family Rental

The Vision

Our vision is to pioneer the Single Family Rental (“SFR”) asset class in Canada and assemble the largest portfolio of accessible, institutional-quality homes in the country. Our goal is to acquire existing, underdeveloped or underinvested residential real estate assets and complete significant renovations to enhance the livability, life-safety, convenience, energy efficiency and aesthetic. Avanew’s team manages the process from acquisition to lease-up to ensure each home meets our high-standards and provides a consistent, best-in-class tenant experience.

The Strategy

Home ownership rates have steadily declined in Canada for several years, particularly for younger adults and highly populated areas such as Toronto. 68% of millennials in the GTA are not likely to buy a house, but 81% do not want to live in a condo or apartment. Our research shows there is an acute rental supply shortfall – particularly for low-rise homes – and very little additional new single family housing supply on the horizon while demand continues to grow. The vast majority of existing single family housing rental supply is owned by individual investors and “mom-and-pop” operators with a varying degree of asset quality, management and tenant satisfaction.

At Avanew, we are focused to help address the housing supply need and provide new housing options for Ontarians by bringing a fresh supply of well-managed, newly-renovated and purpose-built rental stock to market. For many homes in our portfolio, Avanew creates new rental housing supply in existing neighbourhoods by adding legal, accessory dwelling units in existing homes. This “gentle density” provides new housing choices for Ontarians and brings rental supply to high-demand neighbourhoods: all in a fraction of the time it takes to plan, approve and build new construction residential housing.

Avanew is focused on acquiring and developing assets that are managed seamlessly through our SFR funds. We operate in undersupplied markets with economic and demographic growth profiles that exceed provincial averages. Our team leverages innovative real estate technologies that deliver efficient asset management and provide our tenants with an unparalleled rental experience.

The process we will undertake to build our SFR portfolio includes:

  • Property Development - through the acquisition and renovation process
  • Stabilized Rent & Operations - we rent and manage our product
  • Scale & Clustering - by accumulating institutional scale and clustering assets