Avanew Single Family Rental

The Vision

Our vision is to pioneer the Single Family Rental asset class in Canada and aggregate the largest portfolio of high quality homes in the country. There are over 20,000 homes sold in Ontario annually that fit our investment criteria and the goal is to acquire, renovate, lease-up and stabilize our acquired assets.

The Strategy

Home ownership rates have steadily declined in Canada for several years and 68% of millennials in the GTA are not likely to buy. Our research shows there is a rental supply shortfall with very little product on the horizon while the strong demand for Single Family continues to grow; 81% of millennials do not want to rent a condo/apartment.

Avanew is focused on acquiring and developing assets that would be managed seamlessly through the SFR fund. The fund will target undersupplied markets with economic and demographic growth profiles that exceed provincial averages. We will leverage proptech technologies to deliver a seamless experience for the assets under management.

The process we will undertake to build our SFR portfolio includes:

  • Property Development - through the acquisition and renovation process
  • Stabilized Rent & Operations - we rent and manage our product
  • Scale & Clustering - by accumulating institutional scale and clustering assets