We believe that value creation and sustainable development go hand in hand. We are responsible stewards of the environment and the communities in which we operate.

At Core, we take the impact we have on our clients, suppliers and communities very seriously. We focus our attention and energies on areas where we can make the greatest positive impact. We use our talent and resources to improve the quality of the environment and enhance the quality of life in our communities. We proactively encourage and help our people to achieve their fullest potential by providing a safe, collaborative and productive workplace.

Community Engagement & Philanthropy

Bringing about a positive change in the community through engagement and philanthropy is a fundamental pillar of our business.

We are all about transformative change. We fully engage with our communities and actively seek their inputs, making our developments a shared collaborative experience. We believe in giving back to our communities through our support to registered charities and the good work they do. We are proud to do our part in helping to improve the lives of individuals and families in the communities where we live, work and conduct our business.

Joseph Brant Hospital
United Way
Crohn's & Colitis
Daily Bread Food Bank

Green Building

We continue to look for innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint through small and big initiatives.

With a focus on long-term, sustainable development, we make conscious efforts to incorporate green features and technologies into our projects. Our eco-friendly initiatives include geo-thermal energy and water conservation solutions, environment-friendly finishes and energy-saving devices, responsible waste management practices and more.

Governance & Transparency

We give the highest priority to corporate governance and transparency, and conduct our business with integrity, fairness, ethics and respect.

Our transparency principles mean we are always accessible and accountable to our investors and stakeholders. By practicing what we preach and through continual review of legislations, guidelines and best practices, we ensure ongoing investor confidence. We are committed to providing prompt and speedy responses to requests for information and communication. We rigorously comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements related to our industry.